What is School Within A College (SWAC)?

SWAC is a Transition to College program for students who are within 1 year of graduating.  SWAC is offered at the Doon Campus of Conestoga College. Students may earn compulsory and elective secondary school credits through instruction and self-directed learning (2 days per week), as well as 1 dual credit college course. A Cooperative Education placement occurs 2-days per week.

​Secondary School credits offered include grade 11 and 12 English, and Math, phys-ed as well as credit recoveries and other electives.  Dual credit college courses vary by semester.

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Dual Credit Courses available to SWAC students



Doon Campus Courses

Basic Design A or B
Criminal Justice System
Security Fundamentals
ECE Foundations or Child Development
Psychology Today
Image Capture or Image Manipulation
Crime Scene Investigation
American Sign Language

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Waterloo Campus Courses

Baking Techniques A and/or B

Culinary Techniques A and/or B

Carpentry – Interior and/or Exterior


Read the course descriptions here

Reuter Drive Campus Courses

General Machine Shop
CNC Programming
Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Thermal Cutting & Brazing
Intro to Mechatronics
Intro to Robotics

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  • varies by course delivery days
  • 2 days on campus (one day for the College course, and the other for the highs chool credit)
  • Remaining 3 days at Co-op placement

Students may take an English or a Math Credit. Common courses taken at SWAC include the courses below, and others may be considered:

  • 9:00-1:00 1-Day per week
  • SWAC teacher-led instruction in the morning followed by independent study with support from the SWAC teacher in the afternoon


  • Students may also take physical education
  • We are privileged to have access to the Conestoga College’s new recreation Center
  • We have a wellness philosophy for all students and staff
  • Dual credit course occurs one day a week for a 3 hour class starting either at 9:00am or 12:30pm
  • Tuition free course
  • Taught by a college instructor with support from a SWAC teacher
  • Success in your dual credit course earns you an elective credit towards your OSSD
  • 3 Full-Days a Week at a Cooperative Education Placement
  • Earn elective credits through co-op
  • If you are already working part-time, your Co-op placement could be your workplace
  • Student is responsible for all co-op expenses (travel and PPE)
  • College Instructor for each course
  • Dual Credit teacher assistance in courses
  • Your Dual Credit teacher will facilitate your Co-op placement

Am I a good fit?

  • Interested in exploring college pathways
  • Self-directed learner
  • Have the ability / motivation to attend regularly